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Who is LMF Network?

LMF Network is an inclusion consultancy & careers platform bridging the skills gap. Our mission is to build the confidence, capabilities and careers of 25,000 people by 2025 by redefining work, culture and community.

We are a community centric organisation. Our vision is to encourage personal and professional success through mentoring, masterclasses and meaningful conversations. We have a best in class full circle approach to our business - the community and the consultancy

How can we work together?

We work on a bespoke basis to support your organisational needs, from providing access to our e-learning platform as a talent partner to delivering inclusion initiatives and building 4 week mentoring programmes. This ranges from discovery action plans to educational workshops and inclusion drop in days.

To ensure we are truly bespoke, we work with a limited number of clients per year who align with our values and are committed to becoming inclusive businesses.

What have LMF Network achieved since 2020?

  • Delivered over 50,000 hours of ED&I initiatives
  • Launched the largest mentoring programme in the UK with a 98% recommendation rate
  • Upskilled 20,000 people globally with an average 4.8/5 rating

Who's in the LMF Network community?

We have a 50K+ following across channels, of whom largely identify as female and intersectional, between the ages of 18-35 years olds and 60% with 5+ years of experience. For these individuals, we offer community based membership which involves 2 mentoring programmes annually, regular events, monthly masterclasses and daily conversations with the community.

What makes LMF Network different?

  • We have a full circle approach centric - becoming the bridge between community and companies means that we are able to address all problems and provide actionable solutions, enabling a competitive edge.
  • We are a leading voice in the ED&I space - our thought leadership has been recognised globally, in media publications such as the financial times, sifted news, your story, the telegraph, business insider, bbc, london tech week and unleash. We have commissioned 5 research papers on diversity, inclusion and mentorship, which can be accessed through the learning platform.
  • We have lived and earned experience - we have a team of experts who are diverse and intersectional with corporate experience, as well as many freelancers who support delivery depending on the client project.

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Who's the founder of LMF Network?

Sonya Barlow is the founder of @LMFnetwork - the careers platform & inclusion consultancy, a best-selling author and a BBC presenter. She has won numerous awards for the efforts, including being named Marie Claire's Future Shaper in 2020, Linkedin's Changemaker in 2021 and Top 50 Women in Tech, EU 2022. She is on a mission to build the careers and confidence of 25,000 people by 2025, as well as embed inclusive cultures to ensure diversity.