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We welcome corporations interested in making a difference for the talent of tomorrow. The LMF Network works closely with the marketing, inclusion and learning departments committed to upskilling internal talent, building inclusive teams and paying it forward for future generations.

How can we work together?

Join the careers platform as a talent partner to provide resources for your internal teams or as an expert organisation to deliver career development initiatives. We also support businesses becoming more diverse and inclusive through end-to-end ED&I delivery, including discovery audits, strategy design and training. Please email us for more information at

What have we achieved in the last few years?

  • Upskilled 20,000 people in 3 years
  • Grown to the social platform of 50,000+ following
  • Highly engaged newsletters of over 8,000+ subscribers
  • Awarded numerous awards for our mentoring efforts
  • Designed and delivered 30,000+ ED&I training

What are the business reasons to get involved?

  • Invested learning and development increase loyalty by 30
  • Diverse and inclusive teams increase profits by 23%
  • 50% of women feel they need a mentor to progress in the workplace versus 5% of men
  • Mentors are 8x more likely to be promoted within a workspace
  • The talent of tomorrow wants to work with companies that are prioritising business values, inclusive practices and professional development
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